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Weight loss is a $500 billion dollar industry.
Sadly, more dollars have been lost than pounds. Unless you’re British.

Our plan is simple. We help track how much you eat. As you regain body awareness, you’ll rebalance the hormones that now cause your overeating. If you eat too much of anything, your stomach starts to work against you by making you HUNGRY. It’s called leptin resistance, and our 12-week program reverses this hormonal malfunction.

Dietician Meredith Luce, MS, RD, LN and PhysicalMind Institute founder, Joan Breibart, have created this course to teach you to eat less, less often. Americans happily ate a lot less only a few decades ago. Now we eat MUCH MORE, yet we’re still not satiated.

Somehow we’ve been health washed into thinking eating unlimited amounts of ‘healthy’ foods is more comforting than just eating less of any food. We know you CAN and WILL eat less once you reset your appetite and retrain your brain with 80Bites. Life is still satisfying with fewer fries.

It’s our PROMISE that after 12-weeks, you’ll never again be lured by another diet, low-cal recipe or exhausting exercise regimen. Clear your mind of decades of nutritional misinformation burdening you, misguiding you to poor eating habits, guilting you every time you open your mouth and eat what you enjoy.

You can step away from the nonsense and the noise. Our bodies are complex – our food doesn’t have to be. Begin to reclaim your life. You’re super without the food!

Guilt is history.  Show your stomach who’s boss!