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The 80Bites App and Plan work together to sensitize and downsize your stomach. Then weight loss happens naturally. Contrary to what you’ve been told, losing is not hard.

You begin with the 80bites App to find out how much you are eating. A few days use is typically very revealing. Your counts provide a starting point. Bites consumed do not correlate with calories consumed so there’s no need to obsessively track them. The 80Bites App, however, will slow down eating, encourage chewing and hopefully make you laugh.

After one day using the App, begin The Plan. You will need about 15 minutes once a week to read and absorb the information. New ideas are introduced: “Drink a beverage with each meal, but  water doesn’t count.” You will find out why this is chemically correct. Then there are Awareness Exercises. These expand your mind and shrink your body. The Plan does not allow you to jump ahead or speed up. Step by step for 12 weeks. That’s it.

Meredith Luce RD MS LN and Joan Breibart began developing the Bites philosophy in 1986. But just like Pilates, only a small number of people have known about this approach and benefited from understanding stomach capacity and digestion. Today, these people are not dealing with leptin resistance, cortisol overload and extra weight.

After 30 years of work that is only now being noticed by the mainstream press with articles in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today why is this $60.00 Plan now free? There is a good reason and it directly affects your health. You will find out when you begin. So get started now.

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“The change in my body is obvious. Yet the change in my head is what is so profound! Eating is now easy for me. All of the real estate in my brain taken up with WHAT to eat has been liberated. Just this alone makes me lighter! In fact, the only hard thing about 80Bites was admitting that I didn’t know everything about weight loss. 80Bites is just like pilates: sophisticated, smart and it works!” -Zoe Stein Pierce, Pilates Studio Owner, TX

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